I transform your universe, ONEwork  AT ONCE!

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Bolieu painter contemporary art

Bolieu PAINTER plastic artist acrylic and epoxy

Art offers a suggestive experience that calls for play and provides pleasure. It is with this vision that I conceive my art;
change the colors of your universe.


Bolieu exhibits

from November 20, 2022 to January 22, 2023

at the Beaulne Museum in Coaticook


A grandiose and unpublished collection of 15 works of art

Bolieu artiste peintre - collection d'aouvres d'art Commedia dell'Arte

The Quebec painter Bolieu offers a "comedy of artists", a subjective experience made up of 15 paintings, featuring the picturesque gallery of Commedia Dell'Arte characters.


Each character is encamped by his very typical mask and encrusted in his painting in the colors of his traditional costume.

Bolieu artiste peintre plasticienne acrylique et epoxy

THE magic of abstraction!

"Each of my works is an intense and magical new story which, through the prism of your soul, becomes the one you inhabit. philosophical tale that we interpret differently with each rereading."


I am a seasoned technician and colorist:  materials from the simplest to the most unusual appeal to me and the colors really speak to me!


I create amazing and unique contemporary artwork. They both have distinct personalities:  one under the ambient light and a completely different one under the spotlights.

la galerie d'art virtuelle de bolieu
Comme si vous y étiez :  bon visionnement et bonne visite !